And so it begins!

A project log for Toner/Laser 3D Printer

3D printer using a laser to melt the material on a semi stationary bed with minimal components.

ThunderSqueakThunderSqueak 07/16/2014 at 05:090 Comments

Today I went out and purchased components to start this build.  

Parts list so far:  Milk crate, I am going to use this for the frame as they are strong and cheap.  I plan on replacing it with one of the older ones when I find one as they are even stronger :)  I got the idea for this earlier today and was counting the seconds until I got off of work to pick one up.  Another idea is to use an aquarium for this, however I would need to find one made of plexiglass to make cutting with a Rotary tool easier :P

2 Servos, a futaba s3004 and s3003 as that is what they had for cheap in the bulk buy bin.  10 dollars each.

Servo control horns, about 15 dollars.

Lexan to use as the base for the servos and mirror mount.  This will make it easy when I decide to move to a new crate.  5 dollars

a 3/4" to 1" pipe fitting, this is going to be my temporary laser mounting while I rough out the code using a small 605nm 5mw laser diode.  When the time comes and I get a larger milk crate I will setup a proper aluminum or copper heatsink for the laser. 1 dollar

Screws and other little odds and ends  5 dollars.

The triangle bottom mount will also be lexan, I simply had them cut a side off of the piece I purchased.