UI (OLED + Rotary) Upgrade

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Hacking wheelchairs / mobility scooters to make them more accessible to folks with more than 1 disability

CriptasticHackerCriptasticHacker 04/29/2023 at 07:080 Comments

-- UI OLED Rotary PCB --

I also went ahead and made an ugpraded UI PCB:

False positives from janky breadboard rotary pushes were getting on my nerves...

This handsome lad has multi hardware debouncing, and expands our setup to 4x push buttons :)  Everything is incredibly responsive on the interrupts and much more durable.  Now we need a bottom case to protecc it....

This is V0.2 which has a support for those hard-presses on the rotary encoder, plus reinforced corner screw standoffs :) 

Time to print!

Looks spiffy - but does it fit?  I always hold my breath for this part...

Success!  And one more close of shot of the handsome chap:

Looking more and more like a real test rig!

[to be continued...]