There Shall be Shunt!

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Hacking wheelchairs / mobility scooters to make them more accessible to folks with more than 1 disability

criptastichackerCriptasticHacker 05/07/2023 at 08:060 Comments

Got another PCB on the way - this time it's a prototyping shunt VREF regulator.

This nifty board will be useful for anytime I need to prototype analog voltages to accurate readouts from an MCU.  It has 3x precision voltage dividers w/3x JST-PH2 connectors, and a precision TL431 shunt regulator to provide a high-accuracy reference voltage to any microcontroller.  This will be useful for measuring:

- Digi Pot1 and Digi Pot 2 real time feedback (so I can put away my darn DMM lol)

- VBATT (27V+) measurement

or +5V / 3V3 measures

Looking forward to nice accurate battery measurements, although I realize it's still a step down from a current monitor.  But that's a little too invasive of a hack right now (I don't want to splice MCU or motor power wires), so I think this will do nicely.

[to be continued...]