USB micro breakouts + Strange Parts chat!

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Hacking wheelchairs / mobility scooters to make them more accessible to folks with more than 1 disability

criptastichackerCriptasticHacker 06/11/2023 at 23:480 Comments

My micro USB breakouts finally arrived and -- spoiler -- I went ahead and added a TVS diode footprint for proper ESD protection :)  I went with the RClamp0503F, since it also incorporates +5V rail overvoltage conditions, in addition to the data lines.  Semtech seems to have the market on USB TVS diode custom packages, which is nice.  Lovely to see some smaller companies getting a piece of the pie.  Semtech also has a terrific write-up on them over here.

The breakout boards came out really nice I think.  Only minor quip is the SOD-123 footprint for the diode - a little small if I want the 2A supported current of USB 2.0.  Shorted it here for now (it's not necessary) but I have a part in the mail to swap in later.

If the TVS chip looks small, that's because it is.  SC-70s are still pretty tiny, even if they are leaded.  Smaller than this is a BGA, which is more trouble than it's worth, IMO.

-- Strange Parts Interview --

I had the change to chat with my good friend Scotty (a.k.a "Scotty the iPhone Guy" ) from Strange Parts this past week!  He was nice enough to let me plug this project.  A fun off-the-cuff chat about hackerspaces, right to repair, wheelchair hacking, and more: