6/5/23 Log 9 - P.N. FINAL LOG

A project log for Task managing app

An app to help people organize and complete tasks

parker-nParker N 06/05/2023 at 17:050 Comments

We did it! We finished our app! After a month of hard work we finally finished it! It is a fully functional prototype that allows you to toggle dark mode, increase text size, create tasks, change their icons, set their times, and name them. Though we are missing some features, and it isn't exactly how we hoped it would be, it works! Since we finished, this will be the final log, the app will be available to download in files. Thank you to everyone who liked, followed, or viewed our project! Goodbye!

The task screen. The app allows the user to set a name, an estimate for how long the user thinks the task will take, and an icon for 5 different tasks.

The settings screen. The user can set the app to dark mode which also allows people with light sensitivity to use the app. The users can also make the text larger. The screen also includes credits they can look at by clicking the button titled "Show credits".

The task list screen. The user can set an icon by clicking on the pictures under the label "icon". They can also set the name and the time estimate here. The user can check off tasks they have done to help them remember what they have done. The user can set up to 5 different tasks and are taken to the task screen after they click the button labeled "Begin working".

The starting/welcome screen. The user can go to the task list screen to begin working, or they can go to the settings screen to personalize the app.