A project log for Mood Gradient

A slider that you can move to express your current emotion.

corbincorbin 05/17/2023 at 18:140 Comments

We have successfully sent a value from the feather board connected to the slide potentiometer to the feather board that is not connected to the slide potentiometer, so now we just need to make that value move the slider in the correct direction. The code that is going to be used to move the servo back and forth is giving us an error, so we have to figure that out. We are almost finished cutting out the gradient and putting it on to the box, and we have set up the slider in the box to make sure it fits (it does). We are almost finished with this project.

We have started on the top design of the box, for we need to add the magnetic gradient to the top. Our idea of a modular and magnetic slider is most important in this project, as it means we could add more magnetic gradients if desired by the client. We want this box to have a sleek and simple design, so we are attempting to bore holes into the top of the box, and then place magnets in these holes. We are attempting this by using a drill. This is a harder way to make these holes, and it has been taking a couple class periods. The holes we wanted initially were perfectly circular, but as it is hard to control a drill, we have been making small imperfections to the circle. In the scheme of things, this will not be a major issue, since the magnetic slider will be concealing the drill holes. After drilling the holes, we added the magnets into each with superglue. The superglue has not been drying down as well as we had hoped, and one magnet keeps popping up from the hole. We will have to bore down that hole further to allow the magnet to correctly rest in it. 

Here is a list of some websites that we found useful during this project.

ESP32 Communications:

Slide Potentiometer and ESP32:

ESP32 and Servo:

ESP32 Servo Library: