A project log for Mood Gradient

A slider that you can move to express your current emotion.

corbincorbin 06/08/2023 at 18:480 Comments

We have completed our gradient design (vinyl, paint color, sanding,) as well as completing the look of our box. Our box is looking just as we pictured, with the servo-rack and pinion in the correct positions. However, the code itself has been a difficulty. The feather boards are connected, though the servo is not moving. We will have to use the control box connected to the servo that moves the slider, as the code will not work from the time being. We will not use the smaller control box made from wood, even though with the servo working, it could be easy to use and efficient. In contrast, our poster for our presentation is going well; we have been working during lunch hours to complete and fulfill its connection to our slider.