A project log for Mood Gradient

A slider that you can move to express your current emotion.

corbincorbin 06/08/2023 at 18:570 Comments

We have been working continuously on the box and the gradient design. After making the vinyl cut out letters for our gradient out of black, we realized it was too hard to see over the darker colors (blue). We made the lighter versions of the letters out of a light beige color, easy on the eyes, yet still visible. The letters are also a bit smaller, since when we put the light color on the dark color, we will use the dark color as a drop shadow, adding to the easy visibility. The magnets attaching to our box have been securely inserted, despite the glue mishaps we had been having. We have not been focusing on code this week, as one of our group members is not present. Hopefully, we will be able to work on it in the later future, to allow a fully functioning servo rack and pinion. The servo-rack and pinion has already been installed, and it works with the assistance from a control box which connects to the servo. In the future, we hope to not use this control box, but the one connected by a featherboard, transmitting data from a smaller control box slider, to the main control slider. 

This week, no code was done because the group member that was in charge of the code was absent due to a medical issue.