Week of April 17th

A project log for Communication Board For People With Disabilities

we are making a playground communication board to help people with disabilities

rishiRishi 04/17/2023 at 18:180 Comments

Kasen Rishi:

 We started mapping out everything we will do for the CAD (Only mapped out 2 this week): We planned the CAD by drawing out the sign on a piece of paper and we implemented that drawing into the CAD. We decided that the length of the board should be 1.5' and the width of the board should be 3". The height of the board should be 1'. The individual blocks should have a length of 2.25', a width of 3', and a depth of 1.5'.

We started making posts and the board that will be connected towards the top of it. The length of the posts will be 3' length, the width of the post is 1.5' and the depth is 1.5'.

Arnav: I started working on the code. I learned what code we need to use and started looking at tutorials. I learned a lot about Arduino code and how it works. I also connected all the machinery and discussed how everything worked. 

This is the base video arnav used this week to understand the concept of Arduino: