Week of April 24th

A project log for Communication Board For People With Disabilities

we are making a playground communication board to help people with disabilities

rishiRishi 04/17/2023 at 18:340 Comments

Rishi: We started working on the base plates We are making base plates so the posts can stand upright without falling. The width of the base plate is 9.247" and the length is 8.018" and the height is 0.4"  I also started learning how to use silhouette studio to trace our pictures, braille, and words onto our board. I also finished the missions statement and added all the cards to the card table so we have a good idea of what we need to get done to finish this project.

This is the website to download and use silhouette studio:

Kasen: I started learning braille. I watched tutorials and spent most of this week mastering the art of braille. I started on the base camp by adding pictures of our machinery and adding pictures of the dimensions of our board.

Arnav: I started on the code. I used various websites to get the base code in. I am trying to code a 4x4 matrix so that when you click on a button it will trigger the code to make audio release from the speakers that are connected.

This is the website I used: