Week of May 1st

A project log for Communication Board For People With Disabilities

we are making a playground communication board to help people with disabilities

rishiRishi 05/02/2023 at 18:560 Comments

May 1st/2nd - Rishi started tracing all the pictures words and braille onto Shillouete studio. I downloaded all the tracing links and sent it to our teacher who sent us back the written format of the pictures, words, and braille that we started putting onto the easel inventable.

 Arnav: We have got a code outline of the code and we got one sound function to work. With the help of our amazing teacher, we wired up and tested the 4x4 matrix code and it worked very well. But some wires are not responding and we think it is due to our not fully understanding how to code the numbers with columns and rows. 

Kasen: CAD is basically done just some minor tweaks. Now we need to design how we will attach each piece to another or put all the parts into one piece. Also, we implemented braille onto our communication board so blind people can feel what's being said on the board and click it.