May 15th Log

A project log for Communication Board For People With Disabilities

we are making a playground communication board to help people with disabilities

bhattacharyaabhattacharyaa 05/19/2023 at 19:180 Comments

Arnav: This week we worked on the code a bit more and the audio now successfully works. We made sure to list all of the commands so that now the project can function on the stroke of a few keys on the serial monitor. I also put all the links for the Hackaday in Basecamp

Rishi: I put all the build procedures and code procedures into Basecamp and Hackaday. I added step-by-step detailed instructions on how to do all of the projects by yourself. I also started on easel inventable which is a software where you make your board that you later cut out using a CNC mill.

Kasen: I took pictures of all the machinery. I also took screenshots of the CAD we did so we can so pictures in our step-by-step processes. I gave Rishi all the pictures so he can put them into the step-by-step procedures so people can follow along on the process