Week of May 29th

A project log for Communication Board For People With Disabilities

we are making a playground communication board to help people with disabilities

bhattacharyaabhattacharyaa 06/05/2023 at 21:510 Comments

We did not have school on Monday. 

-On Tuesday, our team gathered together to kickstart the brainstorming session for our trifold project. We aimed to generate creative ideas and concepts that would effectively convey our message and captivate our target audience. Kasen and Rishi worked on planning out the different elements that went into our board. That exact day Kasen printed out all of the pictures and decorations while Rishi worked on writing out the components and other text. While they were doing this Arnav made the script that would help us remember everything that we needed to talk about. 

-On Wednesday, using a tin snip we cut out the steel for our buttons and taped it onto the back of the board. We also made a script for our presentation that would convey our message to our audience so that we would have a script that told us all of the information we needed to cover in our presentation. While Rishi and Kasen were measuring out the boxes on the piece of tin and cutting them out individually. Arnav was finalizing the code and there seem to have appeared an error with the curly braces and Arnav fixed it. Kasen also worked on sanding the edges for the squares. 

That evening we presented our presentation to the judges. 


-On Thursday and Friday we were finished with our presentation and didn't work on it those two days.