Week of 5/1

A project log for Wall of words

a wall that contains an assortment of words

wickorengrwickorengr 05/08/2023 at 15:430 Comments

This week began not only the starts of a new piece of code (to helpfully allow for multiple RFID readers connected to the breadboard) but also designs started to be put into the works. 

As Tristan and Johnny worked on the wiring and troubleshooting with the breadboard and the Arduino software, I put work into the main board prototype on the OnShape website after finalizing our pen-and-paper designs. Transferring these drawn out prototypes to the OnShape website will give us a clear sight ahead to see what we'll make.

This next week we plan on continuing what we are doing and hopefully making a breakthrough in the code to finally move the coding part of the project out of the way. This would have to be finding a way around completing the breadboard, as it just isn't working for us. Maybe in our final prototype we can just have one scanner -- just to have something to present on delivery day.