Project Log - W/O 5/15

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wickorengrwickorengr 06/07/2023 at 23:190 Comments

This week was a week full of attempted breakthroughs and realizations that we knew would come.

As we get closer and closer to delivery day and the presentations itself at the forum, we realized that more work should be split up evenly amongst ourselves. So, through the use of planning. We split up the project. I (Garrett) was to work on the OnShape board design to more of an extent, with Johnny periodically helping, and Tristan and Johnny's main priority was to work on the code and attempt to make a breakthrough.

Johnny and Tristan worked on the code, and in my day of absence asked if the teacher could help us. In response he stated we should look it up. So we did, again, and found nothing of help. This deeply discouraged us as we had no idea what to do and we felt as if we were left in the dark without fuel to burn our lanterns with. Lost at sea. Fortunately, we ditched the breadboard for good and went all the way back and retraced our steps at the basic RFID reader and Arduino port start. This seemed promising and we will see how it pans out for us as the days go on.

This week, I tinkered with OnShape until I learned the basics and then began 3D modelling a basic shape of the project. I had to channel my Tech Arts skills from 7th grade for this, and they didn't prove well for me and I was left with a terrible product.

So, what we learned through this was that times get hard, especially when left without help or expertise in the subject you're working with. But hopefully this story will have a happy ending and we'll be able to make it out of this unscathed and happy with our final designs.

(2nd photo is a basic shape I made in OnShape for practice)