5/22 Log

A project log for Wall of words

a wall that contains an assortment of words

wickorengrwickorengr 06/08/2023 at 23:350 Comments

Last week Friday, I forgot to cover our delivery day stats. I will go over them now.

Mr Woodbridge seemed underwhelmed as we really had not completed much. So we got a pretty low grade for that which bummed me out pretty bad. It brought my grade really far down and my prospects for a 4.0 GPA for this semester are plummeting which is unfortunate. But, enough talk about that.

We should start off with what we have next week Wednesday (I believe). We have our forum/presentation thing which is sort of like a science fair but to showcase our projects to anyone who's interested. So, we've been requested to work on a trifold board to present at this science fair situation. I've already began work on it and I'd say that I've been doing most of the work on it. Johnny bounces from Tristan to me periodically talking. Tristan is coding or something. I'm not sure what he's doing but I hope he's doing something.

I'd like to think that we didn't do so bad but looking around the classroom we're clearly the least prepared, the least finished, and we'll probably get the lowest grade because of that. I feel dragged down by my teammates but it's best we stay optimistic and keep going on.

Next week, we plan to add finishing touches to our trifold board and to the coding we have to do on our RFID readers. It should go hopefully well.

- G.W.

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