(5/15) Preparing to setup website

A project log for Vocal Two

Creating a App for Braille Keyboard that helps people with disabilities recognize text that is being selected on a website.

balsleymjbalsleymj 04/26/2023 at 18:230 Comments

We began by downloading a application that would allow us to use python(visual studio), we will need this because we will eventually get a AIP / code of a speech to text algorithm.  We will use the python console to run the code and make sure it works how it is intended, if It does we will most likely use it on the website.

For now we have not started working on the website, we tried a few ways to get a website, but since they all cost money and we are inexperienced, we gave up, but our teacher told us that he will help us setup the website, so we pushed that back until we could get working speech recognition code.

This picture displays us using Visual studio to test our speech to text code.