(5/22) Starting the website

A project log for Vocal Two

Creating a App for Braille Keyboard that helps people with disabilities recognize text that is being selected on a website.

balsleymjbalsleymj 05/03/2023 at 18:290 Comments

This is the front page of our website, we used a website builder to create it, We are hoping to be able to import our code (once we finish writing our code) and also create a page of our website that can contain the necessary UI for our code to work and will resemble our website layout. The one problem we have is that the website builder we used will not let us customize the website and we are kind of stuck with what we have now, which doesn't help us in any way. We will most likely continue by creating another website possibly using a different service, which will resemble our desired website layout. Our coding process has also been somewhat difficult, we are trying to find a working speech to text API and right now, our code doesn't work.