(5/29) Finishing the website, and making project board

A project log for Vocal Two

Creating a App for Braille Keyboard that helps people with disabilities recognize text that is being selected on a website.

balsleymjbalsleymj 05/10/2023 at 18:320 Comments

Since this log, we have found out that we need HTML code to import into the website, so we wrote HTML code that did the same thing as the python code. This worked! After that we removed all unnecessary pages from our website and refined it to a final working website that alows you to speak into it and it will turn whatever you say into text, then the braille keyboard will pick that up and show it in braille correctly if someone says a long sentience, so that it doesn't show on the smaller display of the keyboard, than you can navigate the text using the arrow keys. We also made a project board for our project presentation