Week 8

A project log for Mood Watch

A watch that can be used to describe emotions and their intensity. Twist the dial to control the color of the LED light.

nehaNeha 06/09/2023 at 12:060 Comments

After last week's brainstorming and CAD designs, we printed out the CAD designs to test out on the watch strap to see if it will work or not. One thing we wanted to test was having two compartments on the watch strap. We made sure the compartments fit nicely into the strap. We found someone to try it on and see if it was comfortable. Surprisingly, the person said it felt good and didn't cause any problems. 

We spent a lot of time working on the watch's program. We wanted the colors of the lights to change when you twist the dial, but we weren't sure how fast it should happen. So, we played around with the code to make the colors change at different speeds. After trying different settings, we found a speed that looked nice and didn't feel too fast or too slow. But then we had a different idea. Instead of just one fixed speed, we decided to let people choose their own speed. That way, everyone can set it to what they like best to make a more customizable experience especially since this product is made for children who may have varying preferences than others.

We faced a little issue with the battery and its compartment being too big. It made the watch strap look bulky and not very comfortable despite what some people say. So, we started looking for a smaller battery that could fit nicely. had a battery which seemed like it could be a nice fit. We did find out that it was much smaller, measuring only 19.75mm by 26.02mm by 3.8mm.

We then ordered the new battery, we know this will make things fit much better than our current state. We can definitely see how this change could make a big difference in the overall design of our wristwatch. By reducing the size of the battery box on the strap, we aimed to create a more streamlined and comfortable experience for the wearer. The smaller battery would not only solve the bulkiness issue but also enhance the aesthetics of the watch, making it more appealing to users. We might even think about only having on compartment again like out previous designs, nut it really depends on how we distribute everything on the wrist band.