Voice Recognition

A project log for Home Robot--What Can It Do?

Using existing robots for guidance, I plan to design and construct a household droid.

mike-rigsbyMike Rigsby 04/20/2023 at 19:350 Comments

In this log, I added voice recognition and named my robot "Ozzy." For speaker independent, standalone, cloudless private recognition, an Audeme MOVI (tm) Arduino shield does the job.

I can select the "wake up" word--I chose "Ozzy." Check out the Arduino code "Ozzy" for my example. The shield is also capable of producing speech; maybe I'll add that later. I connected this Arduino and shield to the master controller (Arduino Mega).

Wiring connections are made according to this schematic.

The MOVI (tm) shield must be powered by 7 volts to 16 volts on the Vin pin. It's pretty straightforward, but best to read the manual before starting.