Ozzy Comes on Command

A project log for Home Robot--What Can It Do?

Using existing robots for guidance, I plan to design and construct a household droid.

mike-rigsbyMike Rigsby 04/22/2023 at 00:280 Comments

Now, Ozzy will come to me when I say, "Ozzy, come here." I used an 8 x 8 thermal sensor and (another) Arduino Uno to accomplish this. After adding a "Come here" command to the voice recognition circuit, the output of the "thermal sensor Arduino system" can be used to drive the motors forward, right or left. When Ozzy gets near the target (as determined by an ultrasonic sensor), Ozzy turns around and waits for instructions.

Here is the thermal sensor, mounted to the plywood using 3mm screws.

Above this is the ultrasonic sensor.

Wiring for the sensor assembly looks like this.

Changes to the Arduino Mega (master control) look like this.

Overall, the top of the bot is getting messy and will probably have to be cleaned up at some point.