Week #5

A project log for Expiration Date App

We are making a project using detection AI which tells the user if something is expired or not using a camera.

max-pdMax PD 05/19/2023 at 07:160 Comments

This is the last week to create our project and we have made lots of progress however there are still thing left uncompleted. We've finialized our logo design as well as write detailed instructions for our project. As well as that we've included our compents and links to buy them.  Another thing we did was complete our python code however we are unable to confirm if it works or not due to us not completing the AI.

Link to our python code:

Images of our prototype:

Heres some photos of our project working:

The red light here means that the date that was inputed was expired:

This is where you input the date and it will tell you if its expired or not: