The Late Shows 2023

A project log for Trundlebot - The Educational Robot

The fun “turtle” robot is a low cost education toy that anyone can build and enjoy learning to programme with.

alistair-macdonaldAlistair MacDonald 05/23/2023 at 22:100 Comments

Last weekend I took the Trundlebot along to Maker Space (the Newcastle and Gateshead hack space) to show off at The Late Shows. This was an ideal opportunity to show off the project and get some feedback from a new audience.

The event was well attended by a good crowd. It was enjoyable and provided some useful feedback. The three main takeaways I have are...

  1. A drag and drop interface is not as intuitive to many as I had thought. This surprised me but something I should look in to further. It may be different on a different day, or it could be that the world has chanced as I had not noticed. Some more testing with different audiences should shed some light on this. I always thought of the drag and drop interface as one of several ways to programme the Trundebot, but it may be better as a secondary option.
  2. There is an expectation that there is a task to be completed and an achievement to be "unlocked". This is not such a problem as I anticipate producing tutorials for some set projects to get people going, but it does highlight that not everyone is comfortable jumping straight in.
  3. Small spelling maitakes are all but invisible to the average person. There has been a corker all the way thought and no one had spotted it until then. I am going to need to assistance with internationalisation so I will add English to the list of Languages I need help with. ;-)