Eagle Bug #1

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Andre MoehlAndre Moehl 12/21/2016 at 12:400 Comments

Over the time i found some serious bugs in eagle. This bug is basically not a real bug, but result in a weird behavior.

The problem is in the board editor and in the library package editor. I found this, when I made a package for a AC to DC rectifier. For indicating the ac pads I used the character ~

Later, when i made the layout, I rotate the device. The problem is, that I used the text function to add this character to the package. The result is a that the position is then not always the same and can even lay on a pad. Sadly I changed the package already, so I can't make an example video.

I demonstrate this here:

The symbols are letter which are placed inside the package definition. They are in the tPlace layer. This example shows a rectifier.

Solution is: Make all symbols in a package with lines, never with inserted text.