Quantity   Component name
1 × My Eagle Wishlist !!!! Things I would like to have in Eagle
1 × Flip Board For routing the layout on bottom side without mirroring in the brain
1 × Full functional BOM Editor List all Components and edit all Values and Attributes
1 × Height Definitions Define Height for Parts and defining Keepout Areas for Parts which a higher than defines
1 × Improved Picture Import Support for more Pic formats (PNG, etc), not only 8Bit BMP
1 × Better DXF Import and Export Update the DXF Version to actual
1 × Add Attribube global List all Parts and can add Attributes to a group or all
1 × Copy Function between Sheets Support of more common used Copy/Paste/Cut Function
1 × Make Custom Buttons more Easier Please don use Scripts
1 × Buillt In 3D Export Export PCB in 3D, without external tools
1 × 3D Models in Part Lib Connect a Part in a Lib with a 3D Model
1 × Documentation function for add notes and a change log, Maybe a List of all made changes.
1 × adding new Colors Need a easier way to add new colors (e.g. for new Layer)
1 × There is No Help information about the Autorouter Remove the Autorouter, this is not really usefull
1 × Put all Parts into the Grid when make a new Board