Phase 4: Define

A project log for SENZ

Ankle-foot orthosis that integrates a stimulation system through sensors that improve the function of the user to provide rehabilitation.

sofa-lpez-jimnezSofía López Jiménez 05/06/2023 at 01:250 Comments

The next step in our project involves defining the integration of design and functionality within the device. We need to take into consideration how users will interact with the product and how the sensors will be practically incorporated into the orthosis. We will anticipate the ergonomics and the seamless integration of sensor technology. By considering these aspects, we aim to create a user-friendly and efficient device that combines form and function.

For prototype purposes, we decided to put the sensors within the orthosis itself. However, in order to ensure the functionality of these sensors, the components will be positioned externally and connected to the orthosis via output wires. This approach allows us to easily access and modify the components while maintaining the essential sensor input within the orthosis.

Reference of the locations for the output and openings to facilitate the placement and maneuvering of the sensors within the orthosis:

Also, we constructed a user journey that individuals will go through while utilizing the orthosis. This maps out the specific steps and interactions that users will encounter, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience. 

We also got the opportunity to try out the main sensors that will be incorporated on the orthosis (EMG and TENS) and how the feedback given works in order to understand how to incorporate them from the technological point of view.