Phase 5: Integrate

A project log for SENZ

Ankle-foot orthosis that integrates a stimulation system through sensors that improve the function of the user to provide rehabilitation.

maria-fernanda-casanelloMaria Fernanda Casanello 05/15/2023 at 19:590 Comments

As we approach the final stages of this project, our immediate focus is on integrating and consolidating all the components and progress we have made thus far. This critical step involves bringing together the various elements, including design iterations, technological advancements and sensor integration. By effectively integrating all the pieces, we can ensure that the device aligns with our objectives and meets the requirements of the Hackaday 2023 Assistive Tech Challenge.

In order to establish a brand identity for this project, we made the decision to develop a comprehensive visual concept. This involved creating a moodboard that visually communicates the desired aesthetic, style, and overall essence of the product.

By analyzing and comprehending the look and feel of the concept, we decided to name our brand SENZ.

In addition, we created a code diagram that serves as a visual representation of the system from the perspective of our users. This diagram provides a comprehensive overview of the various functions and interactions within the product, helping us gain a deeper understanding of its inner workings. By mapping out the code structure, we can identify the key components, their relationships, and the overall flow of the system.

Moreover, we opted to create a schematic diagram illustrating the arrangement of sensors on the printed circuit board (PCB) for our prototype. This diagram provides a visual representation of how the sensors will be strategically positioned and interconnected within the PCB layout.

Additionally, we compiled a bill of materials table that includes the necessary sensors and components required for integration into the orthosis. This table not only lists the specific items but also provides information on their respective prices. By creating this detailed inventory, we can accurately assess the cost of materials and ensure proper budgeting for the prototype.

*All prices are in Mexican pesos*

Bill of materials of the components inside the orthosis:

Bill of materials of the components outside the orthosis: 

Our aspirations for this project extend beyond its current stage, as we envision ongoing development to better serve individuals with CP and EVC, and others as-well hopefully. By continuously refining and expanding upon our work, we aim to provide meaningful solutions that positively impact the lives of those affected. Our commitment lies in empowering individuals with disabilities, offering them improved opportunities, and help them enhance their future.