1k challenge

A project log for Logic probe using ATTINY26

A Logic Probe with the usual LEDs and sound output based on an ATTINY26. My entry to the 1k challenge.

Klaus DormannKlaus Dormann 12/23/2016 at 11:370 Comments

The size of the binary code from the bottom of the listing (Logic_Probe.lss):

"ATtiny26" memory use summary [bytes]:
Segment   Begin    End      Code   Data   Used    Size   Use%
[.cseg] 0x000000 0x0000dc    220      0    220    2048  10.7%
[.dseg] 0x000060 0x000060      0      0      0     128   0.0%
[.eseg] 0x000000 0x000000      0      0      0     128   0.0%
I used Atmel Studio 6.1 to assemble the source code.