Breadboard adapter

A project log for Logic probe using ATTINY26

A Logic Probe with the usual LEDs and sound output based on an ATTINY26. My entry to the 1k challenge.

Klaus DormannKlaus Dormann 01/04/2017 at 10:020 Comments

I built a breadboard adapter on a perfboard yesterday. It has the logic probe and a clamp to a breadboard built by a small upside down section of perfboard with 11 x 4 holes. The clamp is fixed to the logic probe by 4 wires through both perfboards and soldering them on both sides. 4 pins hook to signal columns of the breadboard while 2 pins on each side connect to the power rail rows. I always use the convention of having ground on the inside rail and Vcc on the outside rail. The adapter can also be used to bridge power from one half of the power rail to the other.

A connector is provided at pin 9 of the ATTiny26 to plug in the probe. The DIP-switches are replaced with jumpers. The pictures show sound on, CMOS level. The LEDs are green for low, red for high and yellow for pulse.