The design for this test-bed experiment is meant as a primer for understanding and creating Impermeable Plasma Barriers, Hyper-accelerated Tubular Linear Induction Motors & associated technologies for peaceful, next-generation computers, space propulsion and space survival.  It is mostly based on the prior research of Kristian Birkeland & Hannes Alfven.

The .PDF contains all the CAD, coil calculations, Construction Pictures, Materials List, Supporting Articles, Peaceful Purposes List, and a layman's explanation of how it potentially will work. 

My signaling software works on the Parallax Propeller 2 board.  It produces 54 synchronous signals from 1 Hz - 25 Mhz.  It does accurate duty cycle for all channels, and limited phasing.   It also has a 6 layer multiplexer & sine-wave generator built-in.  

The .PDF can be found at:

The .SPIN2 signaling files can be found in the IPB Coding directory. 

This software is written, tested and working - but phasing needs some work.

The Parallax Team banned me from the discussions - for making it work correctly, so I am sharing it here.