New firmware using Dev Containers

A project log for Kabot - lowering entry barrier to ROS2

Ultra low cost expendable platform connected to Robot Operating System 2, powered by micro-ROS

krzysztof-pochwaaKrzysztof PochwaƂa 04/30/2023 at 18:520 Comments

I've started work on porting current firmware to the ESP32-S3 (up to this time, we've used ESP32 development board for proof of concept, hence the name of the main repo - POC). To make the development as simple as possible, VSCode dev containers are used. You only have to have docker and vscode installed to start tinkering with firmware. After porting of the firmware, the same route will be taken on the host side stack - to avoid the need of running Ubuntu with installed ros natively. The repository is available here: kabot-s3-firmware. All input very welcome. I'm currently running it only on Linux, quickly checked on Windows, but other *nix systems should be also working (don't know about Macs running Apple Silicon, so if anybody has a chance of testing it, I'd be grateful - hit me up here or/and open github issue).