Main Control & Power Module

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A modern twist on a classic musical instrument: the Virtual MIDI pipe organ

Johan CronjeJohan Cronje 05/01/2020 at 21:090 Comments

This is the "main" module for the organ and serves several purposes:

Three hardware serial ports on the Teensy are used to read the serialized MIDI input from the choir, great & swell manuals on pin 0 (RX1, 9 (RX2) & 7 (RX3).

The daisy-chained shift register modules are read via the SPI, pins 10 (CS), 12 (DIN) & 13 (SCK)

The great & swell expression pedals plus the crescendo pedal are read by analog pins 17 (A3), 18 (A4) & 19 (A5)

NOTE: Any references to VOLUME PEDAL refers to the great expression pedal,  and EXPRESSION PEDAL refers to the swell expression pedal. My son corrected my ignorant terminology!

Also had these PCBs made at The final design:

And the finished item (using an earlier version of the module without the power switch & indicator) mounted inside the console: