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mx-jack-nelsonMx. Jack Nelson 04/26/2023 at 16:141 Comment

The app is a Python script written by my lovely wife, Steph. She has kindly donated this script to my project, as getting the Session Key is the most complicated step of the entire process - now simplified. The script's purpose is to generate a session key for the API, authorize the app to access the user's profile, and then use the session key to scrobble a specific song to the user's account to check that it is working.

Note: The script contains placeholders for the user's API key (`YOUR_API_KEY`) and API secret (`YOUR_API_SECRET`), which need to be replaced with the user's actual values before running the script. Sign up for a API account to acquire your API key and API shared secret.

Here's a summary of the script's main steps:

1. The script defines various constants and variables, including the API endpoints, the user's API key and secret, and other configuration options.

2. The script generates an API signature (`API_TK_SIG`) using the user's API key and secret, and then sends an HTTP GET request to the API to obtain a temporary token (`TOKEN`) using the `auth.getToken` method.

3. The user is prompted to visit a URL to authorize the app to access their profile. After the user grants access, they are instructed to press any key to continue.

4. The script generates another API signature (`API_SES_SIG`) using the temporary token, and then sends another HTTP GET request to the API to obtain a permanent session key (`SESSION_KEY`) using the `auth.getSession` method.

5. The script prints the session key to the console.

6. The script prepares to scrobble the song "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. It generates a timestamp (`TS`) and an API signature (`API_SIG`) using the session key, artist name, track name, and other parameters.

7. The script sends an HTTP POST request to the API to scrobble the song using the `track.scrobble` method. The request includes the necessary data, such as the API key, API signature, artist name, track name, session key, and timestamp.

8. The script prints the XML response from the API to the console.


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