Hello prototype stage

A project log for A 'smart' controller for a powered chair or bed

Automates the powered recliner or bed. Ideal for the mobility-challenged.

stephen-craverStephen Craver 05/15/2023 at 22:570 Comments

At this point, I’m moving the project out of my ‘proof of concept’ stage and into the prototype stage. This new stage boasts a modern design with its appearance looking much more professional. 

For the hardware, the current grey plastic case that looks so horrible is being replaced with a smaller, black anodized aluminum case with chromed LED holders, and an external USB connector. 

Software improvements include allowing better control, self-learning timing, and much more.

The new prototype version is currently being developed, and I’ll be posting pictures as milestones are reached. Remember, I’m the sole person doing every aspect of hardware development, software updates, testing, and documentation. So please be patient with me! My goal is to have the prototype completed by 6/30/2023.