Moving and re-labeling the lower-limit switch

A project log for A 'smart' controller for a powered chair or bed

Automates the powered recliner or bed. Ideal for the mobility-challenged.

stephen-craverStephen Craver 06/19/2023 at 23:490 Comments

So I’ve decided that, rather than have a “lower” limit switch, it would be much more advantageous to have a second “home” switch. Who gives a crap how far it's reclined, anyway?

As such, there would be a “rise” home switch, and a “recline” home switch. If they BOTH are closed, you know the chair is in the “home” position; Not raised and not reclined. This would also make software engineering for it much easier.

As is, sure it knows it is at the home position, but it doesn't know
HOW it got there. The “Recline Home” limit switch would eliminate the question.

Why is this important, and why does it matter?

So the chair "knows" what to do when any button is pressed: 

Of course, pressing any button anytime the chair is in motion will exit the currently running step and halt the chair's motion immediately.