Niryo One is now LIVE on Kickstarter !

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Niryo One is an Open-Source and accessible robotic arm

Edouard RenardEdouard Renard 03/16/2017 at 09:160 Comments

Niryo One is now available on Kickstarter :

Help us bringing accessible robots to everyone, by supporting us and spreading the world !

You can pre order different kinds of kits :

Here are all the parts we use for the robot :

STL files will be released in September.

We also have good news for developers ! The code on the robot will be open source in September. You will be able to program on the Arduino board, the Raspberry Pi 3 board, or with many APIs we provide.

You can also use and learn Robot Operating System, which is running on the Raspberry Pi.

Here's the global software architecture :

Stay tuned for next update, and see you soon on Kickstarter ;)