[E1][M] Asking PCBWay for a brass insert

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kelvinakelvinA 05/05/2023 at 21:000 Comments
[May 5, 21:00]

Honestly, I don't know why I didn't even entertain the idea of even asking them to create this insert for me and instead searched high and low on AliExpress. 

I took the slot values from this grub screw diagram:

Then again, looking at the one below, perhaps the values I need are 1.2 and 1.8mm?

Oh and while were on the subject, I'm switching to these grub screws:

Unlike hex, I think these should be virtually unstrippable. I do NOT want a grub stuck inside down the line if I need to remove it.

I think it's nice having grub screw consistency too, and this would mean that everything is made in brass.

[May 7, 07:00]

Seperate part? Seperate fee.

- PCBWay Service Team (paraphrased)

 Figured that's how it worked.

3D printing won't save me here either, with a price just under $38. It totally seems that there's a $35 engineering setup and handling fee wrapped up in the price. I'm not sure if the autoquoter works correctly with assemblies, because it gave the same price as the heatblock-only file.

In related news, I was sent the same outdated verification files twice. On the second time, I got this message:

Once again, our factory can produce the files in the attachment. 
If you can accept it, there will be no additional charges. 
If it is not acceptable, please cancel the order. 
Thank you for your understanding. 

 With the starter "once again", it can only mean that my sales rep is not referring to the updated files sent on the 5th May, but the older ones attached. The filesizes were slightly different too, so it's not like ther's some email client mistake either. There's also been so many changes since my initial 27 April quote that it's probably best to start afresh with a brand new quote.