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A project log for Coaxial Hotend [gd0144]

Full-colour FFF? Continuous fiber? Embedded copper 3D printed circuits? Hollow extrusion for light parts?

kelvinakelvinA 05/26/2023 at 13:100 Comments

The main ones are the internal grooving tools and the 20mm grub screws that make the insert, but the heatsinks, 4mm grub screws and cleaning filament have all arived. 

I've now gone to my uni's engineering department and the technitian that was looking over my design said that it was going to be a long process and will probably take till next Friday at the earliest (keeping in mind that the UK has a bank holiday next Monday). The long processing time is mainly because there are so many positional and tool changes required. I may be an engineering student, but I don't study mechanical engineering, so the fact that the design is complex but creatable (given the right tools and skill) is a win in my book.

These tools are actually suprisingly small.