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A project log for The Grimoire Macropad

A macropad build that is probably more trouble than it is worth.

mrpendentmrpendent 06/25/2023 at 18:280 Comments

Knowing(*) that my LEDs are screwed due to the "protective" caps I put in, I have been reworking my schematic and gerber files. To test this, I bridged a cap with some solder, added some code and...

Blurry, but lit!

Next, I wanted to be sure that I had at least gotten the keys right (for my own bruised ego, if nothing else).

So a little more coding and...

A couple of the keys didn't register, but since others in the same row and column did, that's surely just due to poor soldering so I'm not worried.

I will finish up the new gerber and get it sent off, then maybe make some actual progress on this thing. When I send it off this time, I will have the diodes, hotswap sockets, and NeoPixels (I hope) added at the factory. Allons-y!

[*] According to a smart and friendly fellow by the name Ken Yap, it seems there is an issue with the LEDs having caps preventing them from getting power.
File photo of Ken Yap (may not be current)

I put those in because of the adafruit überguide. Lady Ada is certainly smarter than me, but the guide seemed to be more aimed at people hooking up multiple strips of neopixels to a car battery, or directly to a power outlet, not linking a single pixel to a usb port. At any rate, I'm glad to be able to skip that and move on. I think the third PCB will be the charm.