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A project log for The Grimoire Macropad

A macropad build that is probably more trouble than it is worth.

mrpendentmrpendent 07/04/2023 at 14:410 Comments

Version 3 of the PCB has been ordered and should be here in a week or so.

A few changes:

I have also built the first part of the configuration utility, written in Python:

The three checkboxes allow the user to assign those modifiers (or any combination) to a keystroke.  The drop-down allows the user to select a key:

The "Light Color" button allows the user to select per-key light color. The "All Lights" colors all the lights the same color.

"Save" isn't completely working right now. At this point, it builds a string of all the selections and colors, then dumps it to the console. Later, it will open the file on the Grimoire, erase any existing settings, and insert the new ones, then close the file and reboot the device (somehow). I'll be working on that while I'm waiting for the new board.