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A project log for The Grimoire Macropad

A macropad build that is probably more trouble than it is worth.

mrpendentmrpendent 07/18/2023 at 01:420 Comments

Friends, we are at the end of an era. I have redesigned the PCB, and STILL can't get these %$#&@! Neopixels to work. I don't know what the problem is, but I am past caring. The keys work just fine, and that's the functionality I want. I could order another PCB without the lights, but I don't really see the point. It will work fine with faulty Neopixels,

I'm just sick of fucking with it. I need to get on with my work, and this is becoming an impediment. So I will get the coding done, then build the shell, and then go on with my life. If I have the time/energy/fucks to deal with the lights later, I will. Otherwise, I will ignore them.