The saucer which is 3D printed measures 70 mm (dia) x 32mm (H) and weight 38g.

This comprises a main body, a base containing the inductive receiver coils, an internal support to which attaches the ballast and levitation magnet in addition to the dome window.

It contains two coils of 50 turns each are wound on a coil former with radius of 11mm and connected to a separate red LED.

This is mounted in the base of the saucer with one LED in the base and one LED in the dome window at the top.

Leviation Station

The lavitation station mainly 3D printed and consisting of two main part measures 105.5 mm (W) x 158.8 mm (L) x 117 mm (H).

It houses the levitation module with power indicator in the top and the wireless charger pad on the bottom separated by 50mm with three stainless support tubes.