pcb parcel lost

A project log for Listen to the Op Amp´s

Can you hear the difference between Op Amp´s? Yes! With this headphone amplifier.

stephan-martinStephan Martin 06/04/2023 at 14:380 Comments

Thats a first for me, the package is lost :-(

It is now getting manufactured again but it will be to late to complete this project in time for the Op Amp Challenge deadline.

So meanwhile this is how the SMD and alternative THT footprints are used:

Only R4 shows on the silkscreen, the _1 variant is hidden.

It is a 1206 SMD Footprint in R4 and a THT Axial 1/8W D1,6mm L3,6mm with 7,62mm spacing as R4_1 combined.

It is possible to mix SMD and THT so you can use up whatever is on hand