DIY 4 Axis Motion Controller Budget Friendly

Using Old 3D Printer parts I build an Camera Motion Controller

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As a videographer I always wanted to improve my Timelapse videos and Product videography. Most of motion control systems like Edelkrone and Rhino are really expensive, so I decided to make my own using easy to get parts, that most of 3D printer related stores can provide.
I made a video tutorial:
All the steps were simplified so anyone can make this project. All the files required can be found in the description of the video. If you are into 3D printing you can repurpose an old 3D printer and use it for epic timelapse videos for your 3D printings. or you can help a photo/video buddy to make one and improve their work using this cool tool.

This video tutorial quick explains all the steps you will need:

All the files required are in the description of the video. Some LEGO type guides are included so anyone can duplicate the project.

  • 1 × BTT SKR V1.4 Turbo + 5 TMC2209 Drivers
  • 1 × TMC5160 For Nema24 (Optional)
  • 1 × ESP32 30PIN Dev Board
  • 1 × Joystick Module
  • 1 × 0.96” Oled Display

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    Aditional Notes

    Because of the current consumption of the Motion Controller you will need a anti spark connector if you are using a V mount Battery, because the peak current will trigger the projection circuit of the battery. You can get an anti-spark connector in a drone store or amazon. you will need to put this connector in between the DC connector for the board and your battery.

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