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Pretty simple realy- approx 600W of 12V solar pannels and a bank of 6 x 200AH 12V batteries keep em topped up and keep em alive

saabmanSaabman 01/13/2017 at 11:400 Comments

I had posted previously that I had another failed MOSFET and surmised it was due to excessive start up current of the Currentlimiting halogen globes.

I had assumed that the FET had failed due as it was passing current despite the drive signal from the Arduino been low.

I have subsequently discovered that some other factor is in play and that the FET has not failed but that something else is holding the gate high. It appeasr that a sudden increase of Drain current causes the FET to "lock" on untill power is removed from the circuit and it resets and begins to work again. - Further investigation required.