​We finally finished joint interpolation and created a repo for hRobot at GitHub

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open source, connected, 3D printable robotic arm, powered by ROS, with 500g lift capacity

hubertHubert 03/04/2017 at 00:390 Comments

Last time we described problem we have to deal with during creating hRobot. We fixed most of them and we are ready for a little demo. Video below show one of possible use cases :). It is of course much more universal. Find out for yourself.

Robot uses joint's interpolation while moving from one place to another. Implementation of this part of code was quite difficult and really time-consuming. Interpolation allows hRobot to move more smoothly.

On you can find the last version of working software. It will be improved in the following weeks, but even now it’s stable. We are going to add cartesian interpolation in the next weeks.