Top marks! The PCBs have landed!

A project log for TL431 rogowski coil current sensor

Rogowski coil current sensor using cheap shunt regulators as opamps.

stephenStephen 06/16/2023 at 16:250 Comments

They all look great. No issues with the build found so far.

Two issues with the design however... If you want to make one then R101 needs to be removed. Probably best to replace R101 and R102 with a pair of 680R but just leaving R102 at 270R seems to work. If you don't then that area gets hot and you'll probably lose U101. Apart from that, I expect everything will continue to work but it might be noisier.

A bigger issue is R119 and R110. They need to be swapped.

Mods made, here it is resting in the box that I'll be fitting it into later.

Thank you Liam, Sylvia (who's been emailing me regularly when there's stuff to confirm) and! Really easy process and really nice result. Surprisingly fast as well. It's been less than a month since Liam first contacted me.

Ps, I could be wrong but it looks like the genuine TL431 are faster than the knock offs that I did the original circuit with!