GP 2040-CE

A project log for Open assistive controller

A cross platform assistive gamepad - Play as you are !

julien-oudinJulien OUDIN 05/25/2023 at 09:590 Comments

At first, this project was made by a small group of arcade video game enthusiasts. Now it's an awesome community project released under the MIT license and offers a bunch of cool features. It’s a gamepad firmware that allows you to create from a 2040 microcontroller a fully customizable gamepad that works on different gaming platform like PC, PS3 and PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, MiSTer and Android.

From a firmware and hardware point of view, these customization possibilities seems impressive and GP2040 could be a solid base for our project. It may help us a lot to design and create the adaptive controller we want to make

Here are the features listed on the projects page that this firmware brings :

This project is constantly evolving with regular updates, and the community I have come into contact with seems willing to help implement accessibility features.

Have to test it !