• Installed

    PMT01/29/2015 at 10:43 0 comments

    I've got the project installed in a stairway at a friend. We had to adjust the sensors a bit the first time after i made some adjustments on the sensor mounting side. I soldered a riggid cable on the ground base so i can bend it like i wanted too.

    It's all still working after a few weeks and its a lot of fun to chase the LED's, but watch your step or else you wil catch them with your face :)

  • Wired Up

    PMT07/23/2014 at 15:52 0 comments

    Since a few days I've wired the circuit board. Soldered in the MCU with its own breakout PCB. Have had a little trouble with the UTP cable that i use for connecting the sensors. They are solid and tend to break quite easily.

    Now its time for installing it, and give it a test run.